Key Card Access Control System

System Features:

  • 11 sets of time zone, different time zone for each user
  • Up to 120 holidays that can be set in a year stating from the editing date
  • TTL serial support for connecting external printer, LED, etc
  • Built-in anti-tamper function
  • Built-in watchdog to prevent the system from halting
  • An extra WG port which allows connection to another WG reader (For exit or anti-pass-back)
  • Event Log can be stored up to 10 years

Fingerprint Access Control System

Features / Functions

Authentication Method FP/P/C, FP&C, FP&P, FP&C&P
Communication RS232 / RS485 / TCP/IP
USB Support Ver.2.0, Download / Upload
Time Zone 32 Time zones, User 10 Group
Pass Set 32 / Per Week
Alarm Output 2
Alarm Type Open too long (1-3600) /
Threatened / Open door illegally / Disassemble / Sensor
Wiegand Wiegand IN / OUT (WG26 / 34)

Time Attendance System



System Features:

  • Time Attendance Software is a software which captures employees TIME IN & TIME OUT from the computerized time clock and it calculates the useful information like Lateness, Overtime, allowances, etc... This information can be uploaded into the Payroll software to calculate the salary information.